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Gillie.AI for Emergency Monitoring

AI predicts emergency calls and reduces unscheduled home care visits

At Gillie.AI, we believe that cutting-edge AI technology can help home care customer satisfaction and help carers and managers better use their time and resources. Our platform is used to great effect in emergency monitoring, predicting emergency calls, and reducing unplanned home care visits. Applying AI to emergency monitoring in home care clients allows you to make informed decisions based on pattern recognition and changes in behaviour – especially by focusing on emergency and unplanned callouts.


Increased Sense of Safety
Gillie.AI can proactively respond to home care customer deviations, reducing emergency callouts, allowing for faster and more structured care and a better overall sense of safety, security, and control.
Reducing Unnecessary Emergency Calls
Emergency call patterns are assessed and analysed, with suggestions made for ways to reduce alarms. Carers can then enact these measures, reducing the pressure on emergency call handlers and responders while improving patient wellbeing.
Reducing Unscheduled Home Care Visits
The platform predicts unplanned visits so that causes and issues can be identified and addressed during scheduled times – allowing for better, more structured management and allocation of health care resources.
Visualised Intelligence
Health care managers and team leaders can access a summary of the team’s emergency calls with relevant statistics and analyses. This can also be subscribed to for e-mail distribution as required.
Shows customer’s emergency calls in an easily understood visualisation.
Emergency phone behaviour
Analyses emergency call patterns, including frequency, behaviour changes, and unnecessary calls.
Emergency call day rhythm
Determines if customers are making calls at the same time on different days – signifying that a change in scheduled visits could be needed.
Reaction times for unscheduled visits
Shows reaction times of unscheduled visits and alerts it exceeds the agreed time.
Assess whether regular home visits are needed
Artificial intelligence assesses whether the customer needs regular home visits. The functionality has been developed together with Tunstall.
Leading with knowledge
Summaries sent to home care managers and team leaders, showing any changes in customer call behaviour and how carers have responded.